Who Are the CBC? The Imperial Class?


(Note: I wrote this 8 years ago in 2009 or so. Re-reading it now I have surprised myself with how totally descriptive it is for Donald Trump.)

The acronym "CBC" is for "Corporate Billionaire Control" - they are the Imperial Class

Who Are the CBC?

The first step in understanding who the Imperial Class of people is is to keep in mind that everyone is free to be an Imperial Class member. It is open to all. It is not inherited and while it can be passed down to children, they have every opportunity to grow out of it. It is a state of mind. It is, I would offer, a cul-de-sac in human consciousness in which anyone could get stuck. And, you do not have to be super wealthy to be a member, although, it sure seems to be a fit if you are.

But not everyone does get stuck there, just those who make up the Imperial Class do. So, this group needs some definition and clarification because they are having a profound effect on our country and on the world.

I mention these traits in the hope that the Progressive Party can avoid installing anymore of these people in positions of power. They have had their day and are screwing things up royally. We certainly do not need to add to this. After all, if you are bound and determined to be an Imperial Class person, you already have the Republican Party in which to function.


Listed here are some of the traits that go into
making the Imperial Class what it is:

Hubris — They possess an overbearing pride and arrogance that they cannot be questioned nor held accountable—certainly not by uppity women, poor people, black people, victims of natural disasters, nor labor of any kind (people who work for a living). They owe nothing to society. Their wealth, power and position are 100% due to them. They acknowledge no value derived from the society itself, from others, from the institutions of our country, from their workers and employees. Everything that they are and that they own is due to them. Oddly, this includes inheritance which ought not to fit, but to them it does.

Inability to Empathize — They can walk over the homeless in the streets and have no feeling, no connection, no sense of “There, but for the grace of God, go I,” and no compassion. They are separate and above the rest of us and have no emotional connection to others who are “beneath” them. And, they hardly ever walk on any streets where homeless people might be anyway. They fly from lily pads of extreme wealth to lily pads of political control in corporate jets with no connection to the people they are exploiting.

Lack of Personal Boundaries — They cannot tell the difference between what is their property and that of the corporation that pays them. The corporation is their property. Where they would fire employees for fraudulent use of the employee’s expense accounts, they consider their expense account a personal perk, a special dispensation that cannot be questioned.

Self Centered & Self Important — This is a sense that the universe, all that really matters, revolves around them. Hence, the adoption of the Inevitable Trickle Down of marketplace economics: “If I do well, you will too,” note who comes first. There is no “We” in their considerations. Reduce the taxes on the wealthy, they get cash now, we get the “magic of the market place’s hidden hand” later.

Blind-spotted-ness — They possess a myopia about everything that exists outside their concerns, their money, their deals, their clubs, their jets, and their life. They are blind to the negative impact that they have because it is not possible, in their world, to have a negative impact. When you are the person from whom wealth trickles down, you can do no wrong. When the hidden hand of capitalism is a glove that fits on your hand, you are precious and special.

Narcissistic — They feed off other people who reflect back to them an image that they project: rich, powerful, sexy, important, exclusive, etc. This is other people’s sole function in their world: to reflect, to admire, to applaud, to envy – in a word, to assure them that they exist in their world. Otherwise, other people have no right to tax their time, energy, or emotions. (Note the no right to tax.)

Entitlement — This means that they do not have to earn their power, position, title, and money. They are entitled to it. It comes with being Imperial.

Self Righteousness of Position — Once a place at the top of the hierarchy is owned by them they adopt a self righteousness about that position. They may well suggest that God wanted them to be there — and, ah, not you, by default. Pat Robertson and the TV evangelists assume this self righteous position. God speaks to them, don’t you know, but not to you. Their corporate jets are for their work as Jee-ah-zuz’s representatives.

Avarice and Greediness — Wealth is now an entitlement, a right, and they become not only greedy but avaricious. The avarice is unquenchable. Having a billion dollar net worth is not enough, it is never enough, and if people get hurt? Well, they actually don’t know those kinds of people. Their clarion cry? “HEY! We’re making money here!” as justification for everything.

No Taste - With perhaps a few exceptions, the Imperial Class people have no taste, no design, no artful skills of their own. They have to buy it. Observe when you see the pictures of the Saudi royal family, or President Trump, the utter dependence on using to the color gold, usually way over the top in everything in the rooms you can see on the furniture, the drapes, the wall paper, the carpets. As they grow into being billionaires, they pay many millions of dollars for what others say is "art". It is not the art itself that they want, it is the "appearance" of "art" that they want and the proof of their capacity to buy it that they want.

Self Perpetuating — This state of consciousness is self perpetuating insofar as economics is concerned. It is a process of increasing returns. Psychologically it is a state of increasing returns until some crisis may bring it down (health, near-death experience, caught at gross corruption, jail, divorce, death of a loved one and other sharp come-downs can help to break the spell.)

Their Gospel Rules All — They own the “book” and the “book” justifies everything they do. In the case of the Chinese communists, it was the little red book, in the case of capitalists, it is Adam Smith’s and Ayn Rand’s books, in the case of fundamentalist Christians, it is the bible, Muslims it is the Koran, etc. That book justifies everything. They are now holders of the authority contained in that book, and, they dispense that authority to the obedient.

Control Junkies — Not that being a control junkie is unique to the Imperial Class, but it is a defining characteristic of them in any event. A essential characteristic being that control over others is what “capitalism” is all about.

Non-Intellectual, Non-Educated — Despite, perhaps, having Ivy League degrees and MBA’s, most people you meet in the Imperial Class are actually not educated very well. They are not readers and have almost no input about the world outside of what they live in that is not already a part of the world they live in.

Mean-spirited and Vindictive — Coming out on top, winning, getting what they want, remaining in power and position lead to incredible lapses in personal integrity, humanity, caring, and doing-the-right-thing. They become mean-spirited and incredibly vindictive.

Refusal To Pay Poor People — This is not a social, economic nor a philosophic thing it is just that they do not want to pay poor people… the ones who work for them as servants, gardeners, drivers, nannies, garment workers, field hands. They just do not want to pay them. They will give huge chunks of their money to Merrill Lynch who regularly loses big bucks for them, but pay their nannies $20.00 an hour plus benefits? No way! (Unless they can put them on the corporate payroll and let their stockholders pay it.) And, if they own a company exploiting labor in Guatemala where they could pay those people a living wage and some health benefits? No way! They just won’t do it. They would rather spend 1000 times as much bribing politicians in Guatemala and in the US than pay their workers and, they often do precisely that.[1]

Ends Justify Their Means — They get to do anything they want because their ends justify their means. They hire economists (their Jesuit priests) to prove that their ends are “the” very ends of capitalism itself. (Those who don’t “get it” would have gotten it if only they had gotten a Harvard MBA.)

They Don’t Care — They hire PR firms to sell you on image. But behind that image is the simple fact: they don’t care. They don’t care about you, the nation, the welfare of others, the poor, the education system… nothing, except that is, about themselves. They would use up $2 billion of NYC’s borrowing capacity to build a superdome sports stadium that they own and never consider that NYC’s school system needs these funds. They don’t care. You will never understand these people until you let that fact in. Hurricane Katrina was an opportunity to spend federal funds on the Republican corporate no-bid contracts for the party money-base. The entire Bush administration does not care about the people… they don’t care. “Caring” is an image created by PR firms, not something you do, or, are. And, for people who do care, it is nearly impossible to allow into one’s consciousness that the Imperial Class does not care at all.

Visit Newport Rhode Island

You can see in the news and in your personal experience people who fit into the Imperial Class through their actions and deeds. The nightly news is an excellent place to find lots of them. Both Republicans and Democrats have got lots of them, but nowhere are they more concentrated than with the Republicans. They are often, but not solely, the people running large corporations, politicians, political-church leaders and TV evangelists. They are the ones telling you their making a profit is good for you, that their international trade solves all your problems when it trickles down, and who ignore the plight of the less fortunate all the time.[2]


Visit Newport Rhode Island

A classic example of the Imperial Class remains as a historical museum of homes, some 20 of them in one place, in Newport, Rhode Island. If you have not visited these homes, you should. They are almost all now owned by the Newport Historical Society and open for tours.

They were the “summer cottages” of the extremely (exceedingly) wealthy built in the late 1800’s, sparing no expense whatsoever, and built for a few weeks use in mid-late summer and otherwise abandoned for other homes for the rest of the year. Most built at a cost of at least $25 million to $50 million (and those are 1850’s dollars! You can make your own calculation as to what they would have cost in today’s dollars.) Gloria Vanderbilt’s home, The Breakers (shown above), outsourced the work to cheap foreign labor too! She temporarily imported thousands of Italian stone masons to do the work on her home for three to four years. That should give you the idea of the home, its size and expense… thousands of people, divided into 3 or 4 completely separated compounds so that no one but Ms. Vanderbilt and her architect would know what the home would look like until it was done.

One of the more subtle things to observe when visiting these homes is the art work on the walls. Every piece of artwork is about the owners, their children, their father, their standing next to the Duke of Windsor, their standing with Countess of Luxemburg, their time with the King of England playing cricket, etc. Not one piece of artwork showing that other people live on this planet, that there is nature outside of their gardens, that there are artists who have painted artwork not concerning them. They are insulated in their own world with not even a painting showing that something, someone, some event exists outside of their world.


It is important to draw your attention to the Imperial Class because these are the people who are running, who own, and who control your government. And, you do not count in their scheme of things, except perhaps, as a market, a group to sell things to, to exploit, to tax, to manipulate at election time, and to prey upon. They are not working to make homes for the homeless, unless of course, they bribed the congress and the administration to have the government buy the mobile homes from their company.[3]

They are not working to bring health care to the 48 million people who do not have it, instead, they work on computer systems designed to deny payments for health care. They are not working to reduce the burden of credit-card-debt which they foisted onto the consumers; instead they work to get congress to deny bankruptcy protection to the people while keeping it for themselves and their corporations.

Pushed Through Bankruptcy "Reform" Thanks to Joe Biden (Mr. "Grandfather" to Democrats.)

They succeeded in denying any bankruptcy protection to the over $1 trillion in student loans so students wind up being indentured servants to the banks, often, for life or a significant part of it. You can thank, primarily, then Senator Joe Biden for having pushed through the "reforms" needed in the bankruptcy laws to aid the credit card lenders more power to collect while at the same time loosening the law for corporate bankruptcy.

They hire the Michael Browns of this world to run their horse shows and put them in charge of FEMA to dispense government money to their corporations while utterly ignoring the peoples’ plight.

They are not a nice bunch of people. You do not want them in charge of your government. You do not want them owning your democracy. They should have ONE vote, just like you do and nothing more than that insofar as government is concerned.


[1] The sugar cane growers in Florida have a special exemption from labor laws to import black people from Jamaica to work the sugar cane fields. These people live in subhuman conditions, eat subhuman food both “provided” by the billionaire sugar cane growers who just fight tooth and nail not to pay these people properly nor to treat them properly. And, it would not matter one twit to their incomes if they did, they just will NOT do it!

[2] Read: Rats in the Grain – The Dirty Tricks and Trials of Archer Daniels Midland, The Supermarket to the World, by James B. Lieber to see how these people care for their world, their country, their employees and their customers.

[3] FEMA and Katrina victims:  thousands of mobile homes sitting unused in Arkansas. The homes were built to support the companies that built them not to help the hurricane victims… hence they sit rotting on their wheels in Arkansas. And, with all that, the houses were constructed with formaldehyde saturated building materials, this being a safety concern long known about. But, so what? “We’re making money here!

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