What The Democrats Should Do

What Should the Democrats, Including the Bernie Bunch, Do?

The “CBC” is an acronym used throughout this website as abbreviation for “Corporation Billionaire Control”.

There Is One Party with Two Wings

Holding Bernie’s bunch (Bernie Sanders) aside for a moment, there is one party in the US and it is the party sold/selling out to the CBC. The Democrats under the Clintons and Democratic Party establishment are sold out to the CBC. Aside from various social issues like abortion, gay rights, etc. there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Each party has both a “Voter Base” and a “Money Base.”

No matter what the political PR consultants do to make it appear that the “voter base” is being served, the truth is both parties serve their “money base.”

The “voter base” of each party gets the flags, confetti, 50,000 balloons dropped from the ceiling, the placards, the slogans, the TV ads and the appearance of the “voter base’s” getting some attention. Meanwhile the “money base” quietly continues to get loopholes, exceptions, reduced-to-zero regulations, elimination of EPA regulations, monopoly grants, and endless catering to their wishes.

Special note for Joe Biden who sheparded the bankruptcy “reform” through the congress which benefited the HSBC bank then home-office’d in Willmington, DE (and all credit card issuers) by making filing and gaining bankruptcy protection for individuals substantially more restrictive. And at the same time relaxing bankruptcy regulations for corporations. He is no “grandfather” of the Democrat party.

And Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s, as the DNC Chairman, taking millions in donations from the “Pay Day Lenders.” Those lenders are the ones charging 100% interest or more to the neediest of people. Those people are the very voter-base of the Democratic Party. The money-base always gets served with finite end results, the voter-base always gets PR slogans, balloons, confetti and engineered word-"messaging". The "establishment" of either party comprise the management put in place by the CBC.

To expect them to behave as representatives of the people doing the business of the people and not the CBC is difficult to imagine. However, were the Democrats to care about doing the business of the people here are some the immediately available things they should do:

Remember These things –

Steve Bannon and the Republicans can ONLY speak to their Tea Party base (I will use the name “Tea Party” as the generic name of the entire consistent voter base of the Republican party. That is not completely correct but for these purposes here that is what is being done.) So, Bannon and company cannot speak to Hispanics at all nor to Blacks. Bannon’s plans are hemmed into a very specific demographic. Try as they wish to appeal to independents, that task is an uphill battle. They are constrained by their language, ideas and images all of which are fear-based, un-caring, and danger-based.

Hispanics, Blacks, women, other minorities and white liberals ARE in a big majority of this country.

It is a Caring-Based System versus a Fear-Based System

There is a fundamental difference between the Republican/Democratic party and liberals & progressives and it is this: one is a fear-based system and one is a caring-based system. At its core, that is it!

For those who are caring-based people it is always extremely difficult to grasp that there are people who just don't care. And they truly do not care: not about other peoples' healthcare, lack of employment, environment, homelessness, lack of or poor education, justice, fair play and all that. They do not care and it is pointless not to grasp that fact.

Everything listed below is all care-based and, therefore, would never be implemented by either political party. It is listed below because it is nice to know where we could go.

See the Post Entry on this blog found at CLICK HERE for it.

Form National Hispanic Help System –

The Democratic party should become the face of help and assistance to the Hispanic community. The party should make itself the prime organizer of all Hispanics in the US. Everything they say and do should be legal. They should initiate weekly meetings and organizational efforts to channel Hispanic anger and rage at the Republicans. The party leadership in these endeavors should be Hispanics themselves. The weekly meetings take place around the US. The goal is to say, show and do what an endangered minority needs and addresses the fear that they are feeling and to bring whatever aid and comfort is legal to do. The Democratic Party becomes the organizer and the face of the Hispanics nationwide.The Democrat Party has done next to nothing to organize the Hispanics into life-long loyal Democrats. Obama did absolutely nothing to address Hispanics. It is so obvious that the Democratic Party should do this is just self-evident and also invisible.

The goal is to cement the Hispanic community as permanent Democratic party members based not on PR and TV posturing but on actually doing everything legal that can be done to protect that minority (soon to be majority) group.The Trump/Republican party is trading on fear to gain and keep their voter base intact. The Democratic Party can offer the caring, concern, help and as many legal solutions as possible to that group precisely to diminish their fear and to channel the subsequent anger/rage. Trump/Republicans are creating their own future destruction by what they are doing to the Hispanic community.

All of these events should be videotaped, people should be interviewed who are terrified what Trump is going to do to their families, children and their safety. The Democratic Party has to put the face on the people whose lives are being upended and ruined by Trump’s deportation. They should work with Hispanic TV channels to put this before the people as their caring and concern for that community. This is a permanent activity and should continue as a permanent activity of he Party.The meetings should all be taped and used as proof of caring. I will call that the Democratic Party’s “POC” for “Proof of Caring”.

The disparity between the POC of the Democratic Party and anger, fear and hostility of the Trump/Republican party should have faces, interviews and people whose lives are being impacted as the Proof of Caring. In truth, as a good bleeding heart liberal as I am: this is how you counter fear, anger, and hostility with caring, concern, and love.

Immigration Reform -

There is a reason why we have so called "illegal immigrants." It has to do with population demography. The US, Canada, all of Europe and Japan are experiencing a very low birth rate and have been for some 50 years. The drop in population is happening in all those countries. That drop has gone beyond the tipping point and can be stopped by only one thing: massive immigration adding more than the loss of population. But that immigration will not be Caucasian Europeans but in the case of the US they will be Hispanic and in the case of Europe they will be Islamic middle-easterners. Germany, under Angela Merkel gets it. She opened the country to over 1,000,000 immigrants and it was to start addressing this population demographic they have as well. Perhaps it was also humane.

There are, of course, other reasons for illegal immigration but they all pale by comparison to the precipitous drop in population rates. This post cannot go into this topic in detail but you can. Read the book: FEWER by Ben Wattenberg. He is a population demographer and his book details this situation in considerable thoroughness. Found at: CLICK HERE for Amazon's book listing.

Once this fact is understood and it is not rocket science then the course of action is clear. Illegal immigrants must be accepted and put on a path to citizenship immediately. Their addition to the tax revenue, to social security solvency and having a huge positive impact on the Affordable Care Act is important, and to the gross economic market-size impact is vital. Denying it is pointless but then so is denying global warming.

Championing this demographic reality, accepting it, saying it, and dealing with it, primarily with the Hispanic community will solve that problem. To a large degree but, coincidentally, embracing Hispanics will make them permanent Democratic Party members forever...!!!

This loss of population demography is no secret. It just does not fit with Republican Party wedge-issue short term goals. And the Democrats know it as well, but will not deal with it. It is the "elephant in the room" that is ignored.

Radio & TV Ads  -

This will take some liberal billionaire support to make it work. A Radio/TV Ad campaign to last for 10 years or more. It has to be consistent, very frequent and never ending. It works like this:

Interviews with the people living in the Republican congressional districts who are poor and living in very dire concerns for their health and safety. The interviews CANNOT be performed by Washington PR agencies as they reek dis-ingenuousness. They must be honest, truthful, and modestly done with no obvious advertising gimmicks at all. The backers of this have to be dedicated to caring and honesty. Professional TV Ad direction must be avoided totally.

People living in Republican Congressional districts who are on food stamps, meals on wheels, currently covered by Obama-Care and/or out of work. Those people are interviewed and the announcers who do the interviewing and questioning are people like them. No eastern-intellectual-liberals (like Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes or Chris Matthews <-- NOT those people!.) The interviewers live in the counties or towns where the people being interviewed live.

The entire process is one of quietly and non-confrontationally speaking with people who are on food stamps (and other government help listed above) to know that they are being deprived of their food, their health and their medicines. They can be told how they are losing meals-on-wheels but billionaires are receiving more tax reductions. Just tell them the truth... nothing more than that. It is "Ms. Henderson" or "Sarah Middleton" or "Harry Smith", living in Parkersburg, West Virginia doing the telling and interviewing.

These Ads run on Fox News, conservative talk radio (Rush Limbaugh and all the others) and Christian Radio. Would the owners of conservative media allow this? Well, are they greedy?

The Ads are not actually liberal Ads at all. They are merely factual but PERSONAL with "Mildred" who is 88 years old and living in small towns in West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania is the target. The Ads are local and run locally and are NOT manipulated by Advertising/PR firms.

Bernie Sanders could do some interviewing. So could Elizabeth Warren but other local Democrats could also interview and inform those people what is really happening to them and their food stamps, meals on wheels, their health care, their jobs, their drug addiction programs, etc. If these interviews-turned-into-Ads veer off into political-controlled-Ads then it won't work. They have to be true, caring, honest, heartfelt, and helpful. It is not hard to be truthful. It is not hard to be caring. It is not hard to be helpful. It is not hard to be personally honest, really, it is not hard at all.

These Ads run locally with local people for 10 years with no let up. Truth is what is repeated. However, TRUTH (all CAPS) is the TRUTH that is REPEATED and that will have a long term effect. In other words: lies that are repeated endlessly become the truth. But the TRUTH that is repeated endlessly does not have to "become" the truth as it starts off being the truth in the first place. People are truth deprived. But, correcting this is not the work of PR/Ad Agencies and they are the ones doing the lying. Finding, saying, telling the truth is actually not hard to do at all.

It is intended to pull the support out from under the Republicans. It is intended to show people, locally and factually, that their Republican Congressmen are not representing them at all. Just keep it up again and again and again.

The Democrat establishment would never do this. They have abandoned the worker-base, the lower-middle-class base, the union-base of people and cannot now suddenly become something they are not. But, this is what they should do. The establishment would have to grow new courage.

What is the goal? Well, to help people to see that government CAN be helpful, IS being helpful until the social safety net is destroyed and to translate what conservative Republicans are actually doing and how it affects these people... personally, truthfully and caringly. This is how a wedge is driven into the Republican voter-base and how their gerrymandering is turned against them.

As Mentioned Above the Same Plan for All African American Communities as Well –

It is hard to imagine the Democratic Party doing these things (more below) precisely because they are sold out to the CBC and “caring, concern, and help” for people is not in the CBC’s agenda. First thing to go after in the African American communities is to show and tell why they are being imprisoned, shot by police, and made to fear for their safety and for their families. Why is this happening! It is too simple to say “racism” even though that is true. Racism is real but it is a diversionary issue (real as it is) and it diverts attention away from what is the true source of the problems.There is an engine behind it which is:

The Prison Industrial Complex –

You have to Google “how much money do prisons cost”. In New York City it costs $168,000 PER Inmate PER Year to house, feed, provide bottom/base-minimal health care, and, of course, to ignore the inmates’ safety altogether. (Watch Law and Order and see how the police (the stars of the show) “giggle” about rape in the prisons. They all know about it, do nothing about it, laugh about it, just include it as part of prison life while vigorously pursuing rapists in the public sector.) Imagine that! $168,000 per inmate per year. And with 12,287 total inmates in NYC alone you get $2+ billion per year.

That is NYC alone. Do a little research to see who it is that provides most of the prison services and you find that that cashflow is mostly going to the “prison services industry” – private management of the prison systems around the country. You will see that the revenue generated by these “services” companies is huge, many billions. They are almost totally unregulated unless some huge and egregious offenses happen and then a show of “clamping down” and that is it. This is a very big industry estimated at $40+ billion per year for the whole country. See THIS LINK to read about it for NYC.

Surely you do know that the tobacco and gun manufacturing industries are capable of lying to the public. It is safe to say that anything they say is a lie of one type or another. Add to this the prison industrial complex.

The enemy of black people is, of course, racism. But the organized and very effective enemy of black people is the prison industrial complex. They are making huge sums of money off ensuring that black people are taken to court on minor offenses (jay walking) but held over for jail unless they can pay the bail which they cannot, and then they ensure that the “justice” system takes 2-3 years to getting around to a trial for… jay walking… which turns into a felony when the offending person failed to appear in court… and the public defender’s office is underfunded so much so that they cannot possibly defend the people which leads to jail times of several years on top of several years before trial and now you have how the system works.

In this context, racism is a red herring. I am not apologizing for racism at all, but merely drawing your attention to the true source of the problem. Would the prison industrial complex bribe local law makers, politicians, police, courts, judges? Would they? Would they grease the wheels of ensuring that the arresting police, the public defender’s office, the courts, the judges and the whole process works to send black people to jail… often for minor offenses… often for years of jail time… would the prison industrial complex do that?

And what better group of people to work this on than blacks.

So the Democratic Party works locally and regionally to make sure black people know precisely who their enemy actually is and when in power to fire the prison industrial complex and replace it with government services designed to treat black people with justice and fair play. Would the Democratic Party do this?

Doing this would show the black community that the Democratic Party really is important to them. Hillary Clinton would never do this. The Democratic Party pays lip service to blacks, to be being anti-racist, to put on a show or display once every election cycle but does nothing for black people at all.

So, this ONE thing would make a huge step in the right direction for black people and it would matter. Would Barack Obama do this? Not in 8 years did he do much of anything for the black community. Racism is actually a red herring most of the time because it is diversionary. It takes your eye off the ball as to who it is that is making money supporting the exploitation of black people.

Rallies –

As Trump feeds his narcissism with rallies of cheering attendees, so too could the Democrats hold rallies throughout the US regularly (monthly) and draw their voter-base together into clearly defined and supported groups. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be two excellent speakers for regularly held events. But the party should be nurturing and supporting the rousing speakers of their party to hold their voter-base together. The voter-base of Democrats could and does FAR outnumber the tea-party base of the Republican party.

Aside from Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats do next to nothing to address their voter-base and abandon their voter-base – as did Obama during his entire term in office.The rallies are great TV events and great show-me-how-great-the-party-is Think about this: how easy is it for Trump to speak to 5,000+ people? And then try to remember the last Democratic Party event other than the time surrounding an election. Otherwise, the Democrats are busy doing what?

The Party Needs to Pay Attention to George Lakoff (see this LINK - Moral Politics and Metaphors We Live By and Don’t Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff)

For who he is and why he is so vital to the reframing and reformulation of the language the liberals and progressive MUST adopt. To date the Democratic Party establishment ignores this scientific language-idea-framing process. So far, the conservatives have coopted the words: freedom, taxation, rules, regulations, capitalism, reform, terrorism, military, police, safety, government, globalization, and more.To shift people away from Republican control will take careful re-framing of words, thoughts and ideas. George Lakoff will provide the scientific basis for how to go about doing this.

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