The Bigger Plan

The Bigger Plans

(I use the acronym “CBC” for Corporation Billionaire Control throughout this website.)


The CBC has pretty much always owned our government. The façade of democracy has always hidden the truth that they own – or “mostly” own – the government at all levels. They own it because they can pay for it.

In politics repetition is truth. Whatever is repeated, and repeated a lot, is truth. Like it or not, that is just the truth. The CBC has the money and the media necessary to create the truth out of repetition and they do. They know how to do this and they do it well.

Perhaps some politicians care about some philosophy or other... maybe... maybe not. But whatever they care about is trumped by the money they get and THAT they care about. So follow this along a bit:

Dismantling the Government #1

The CBC (Corporation Billionaire Controllers - the "CBC") know that there is no institution that can challenge their control except the government itself. They learned from the enormous success of Franklin Roosevelt and his popular voter base that any potential threat in the form of a popular Democrat must be attacked relentlessly and never allowed to reach sustainability.

This attack on even so much as the hint of a popular Democrat has to be countered with full and continual force. The attacking takes place on three fronts:

  1. The Personal Front – they launch a relentless attack on a potentially popular Democrat using all available venues. In the case of Obama they attack is racial. In the case of William Clinton it is sexual along with a laundry list of side issues most of which are just trumped up stuff. The key to all of this is that it is relentless. The attack on Hillary was relentess and took place over her whole political career. It does not help that those being attacked help the process.
  2. On the Government Front – the plan is never ending. The attack is to make the government as the inefficient, stupid, slow, controlling, taxing, bureaucratic, job-killer, over-regulating threat to freedom they paint it to be. And that leaves the CBC as the champions of free market, efficiency, job-creating, brilliant, smart and heroes of capitalism as the opposite image to that of the government. By and large the attack against government goes un-responded to.
  3. Buy Them and Own Them – Hillary never had the ability to be a popular politician because she was every bit as “owned” by Wall Street as was her husband. The best way to nullify a potentially dangerous liberal politician is to buy them out. And this gives rise to the fact that we do not have two political parties in the US we have one party – the party of selling out to the CBC which has two wings – divided as they are by social issues that, in the end, do not matter much insofar as where are going is concerned.

Therefore, there has been a long-term campaign to destroy people's trust and faith in their government. The CBC have attacked the government consistently for over 40+ years in a constant barrage of undermining the government, the IRS, the Executive, the Judiciary, and State and Local government as well.

Ronald Reagan told us: The most dangerous words you'll ever hear are:

"Hi! I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

As opposed to:

"Hi!, I'm here from Goldman Sachs and I'm here to do God's work."

Government is stupid, inefficient, dumb and cannot match the shear management genius of for-profit capitalism. That is simply not true. Corporations ARE efficient. They are very efficient at creating monopolies, price gauging, and bribery. That they do quite well.

Anyone who has worked in senior management levels in big corporations knows that they are inefficient, dumb, political, insulated, and stupid as well. Capitalism is efficient at doing one thing: concentrating wealth into fewer and fewer peoples' control... THAT it does well.

Big corporations now work to the sole advantage of their senior management against the interests of all others: employees, customers, stockholders, taxing authorities, regulators, and all others not rewarded and protected as senior management is.

Make Corporations "People" #2

This needs the Supreme Court to do it. Corporations are not people. That is self-evident and obvious. Corporations are licensed and brought into existence by individual States where if a corporation failed to renew their annual license they would cease to exist.

Corporations were specifically NOT mentioned in the Constitution as most people at the time considered them to be dangerous. To gain "citizenship" as "people" grants rights to them that they do not have and should not have. That pursuit of "people citizenship" is deliberate because it grants protections under the Constitution that corporations do not have.

One person, one vote never existed. It is one dollar, one vote and the more dollars you have the more votes you have. It’s always been thus.

Why are corporations dangerous? #3

They seek to create monopolies and to destroy responsibility, accountability and liability (“RAL”). Corporations are anti-free-market. Corporations provide leverage for the Executive-Class to play in politics with other peoples’ money. They use corporate monies for everything that is political.

Corporations hide their actions, their cash flows, their profits, their assets, their decision makers. All the hiding is for a reason - were it exposed they would be liable for all sorts of offenses.

Keep in mind this:

Corporations lobby the government to gain benefits that the free market would not give them.

Hence the corporations’ cash provides for political graft and corruption as a business expense and not a personal expense of the Senior Management-Class. Large corporations like General Electric own and run a junior airline of their own of corporate jets which, along with personal junkets, are primarily employed to cart politicians around.

Corporations are dangerous because they are secretive, unaccountable, non-liable, and have huge sums of available cash to play politics with. For the rest of us we fund Bernie Sanders out of our own pockets.

Why lobby the government if not to get what the free market would not give them? Why would Comcast lobby the government except for monopoly granted to them. Without the monopoly they would have been gone into a sea of internet and tv providers.


Denial Of Service #4

Health insurance industry thrived on this until the ACA happened. The denial of service business model was created by the Richard Nixon and the Kaiser Health Insurance companies. The two took great delight in the long-term benefits to the insurance industry to charge premiums for health insurance and then to deny those benefits due to what was then a trumped-up excuse having to do with prior existing conditions.

Note here, at this juncture, that denying insurance to bad risks is not an uncommon practice and one which makes sense.

But to collect premiums, sometimes for years, and then as a health crisis event rises THEN to deny service had not been thought of before Nixon and his friend at Kaiser thought it up.

They deny service AFTER collecting the premiums and when they deny the service they do not return the premiums paid to date as it becomes clear that the insured were never actually insured at all even though the premiums are retained by the insurance company.

So the plan was (and was until Obama care) to:

  1. charge premiums,
  2. to deny service and
  3. to keep the premiums.

That the delivery of health care is often years later after a long period of paying premiums makes this plan particularly pernicious.

Prison Industrial Complex

Imagine charging around (give or take) $135,000/year to house prisoners in a 6' x 10' cell. To put it in terms of your mortgage payment for your house, that is $11,250/month PER PRISONER. There are approximately 2,220,300 people behind bars in the US in 2013. That is an annual revenue intake of $135,000 x 2,220,300 = $299,740,500,000  -or- call it $300 hundred billion to house these people. And that is tax payer money.

Is there enough money in that cash flow to bribe the entire justice system to function at each level, a micro managed system to get people behind bars as long as possible? Who wants to incarcerate deportees? Most are in jail for years without deportation.

Who would seek to under-fund the justice system to ensure that public defenders are so overwhelmed that they could not possibly properly defend the accused? In many states the public defenders each carry about 800 active open cases PER public defender all the time and then wonder why so many guilty pleas are proffered. The entire bail, guilty plea, jail time judgments, are all working together as a prison system which preys on the poor, disadvantaged, Hispanics, blacks, homeless, mentally ill, and any other group that can be identified to pursue for lengthy jail time.

Who originated the "3 strikes you're out" scheme? And who managed to get that scheme in place throughout most of the US?

Once the people are there in prison, the Prison Management Corporations then deny service: food is horrendous, health care is nearly non-existent, prisoner safety is non-existent, prison rape is commonplace, and guess who is mostly behind bars? African Americans are the targeted group. Read about how Ferguson, MO operated their local justice system to generate a steady stream of prison inmates for: jay walking, resisting arrest, failure to appear for minor offense then becoming a major offense, and a long list of how the prison machine operated. About 80% of Ferguson's annual budget was paid for by this prison system with fines, court costs, abuses leading to more fines and abuses on top of which the prison management corporations fees were added.

This is a "business model" where local government, police, courts, bail bondsmen have a "system" created by the prison-industrial-complex which, once put in place, becomes almost completely opaque, highly effective, pays everyone enforcing the system, AND sends along a steady stream of prison inmates for the prison complex to deny much service to at all.

And once established as a prison management operation it then becomes a monopoly. And who cares about it? Bad people deserve what they get... right?

And soon to be implemented: private police security where a corporation provides police services.

Why are corporations dangerous? Better to ask: "What is it they are good for?" Do not just assume that "it is the way it is and that is it!"


… more to come.


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