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This section of this blog is concerned with creating solutions to America's political situation. It is about laying forth where we wish to go rather than complaining about where we are.

There are several foundational ideas put forth here at the get go that can help to set the tenor for what this blog is about. First I have created an acronym which is helpful. It is: "Corporate Billionaire Control" or CBC for short.

  1. The U.S. has rarely not been under the CBC.
  2. To release the CBC from its tight grip will require constitutional changes, legal changes, court changes, and government changes which have to take place over an extended period of time.
  3. The U.S. Constitution contains many wonderful aspects, but, underlying the constitution is a dark underbelly of elite control. It is evidenced in the electoral college which is anti-democratic.
  4. Every aspect of our government is now corrupt to a near total extent. That starts with local government, county, state, federal and a host of agencies (like New York Port Authority, NJ Turnpike Authority, airports and full breath of federal agencies subjected to revolving-door people who come in and out of positions of authority in various agencies and then leave for lobbying, PR and legal firm positions.)
  5. Our laws are written for State and Federal legislative branches no by the legislators themselves, but by lobbyists, PR and legal firms representing private CBC interests.

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