Simple Overview

It is a simple overview to understand the state of politics and government that is afoot now.

The only institution that can stand up and enforce its power against the CBC ("Corporate Billionaire Control") is government. That is the reason why government is always under attack. Government is belittled and blisteringly assaulted by the CBC/Business/Media precisely to undermine its ability to function at all, and to have the respect needed for people to depend on it.

CBC wants to dismantle the government... mostly but not totally.

They want two things:

  1. No meaningful opposition to them coming from the government at all. No court rulings against them, no regulations, no constrictions and protections for the people. This means no responsibility, no accountability and no liability... for anything or as close to "none" as they can get.
  2. And, they want the cash flow from all of the sizeable government agencies and functions to go to them. Which is what gives rise to the long-term statements that free market reduces prices and government raises prices because it is so inefficient and bureaucratic that is stumbles all over itself. That is not true. Big corporations stumble all over themselves too. They are inefficient in many ways and spend huge sums bribing the government - local, state and federal to advance their monopolies (or near monopolies.)
    1. They have pretty much locked up the prison systems in the US.
    2. They have focused on making the poor and underprivileged the victims of a hugely prejudiced justice system... prejudiced against them.
    3. They want the cash flow of the Veterans Administration to go to the private health insurance and health providers. That cash flow is $350 billion dollars a year. It is the second largest single expense under the defense department itself.
    4. They want price monopoly for such things as prescription drugs which cost US market at least twice what they same drugs cost in Europe. They lobbied for and got into law that the federal government cannot negotiate drug prices. That is price monopoly and certainly not free market pricing.