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There are two kinds of contributors to this site.

  1. The site's originators, editors and administrators.
  2. Contributors who are site visitors and participants.

There are two ways in which Contributors can add comments and articles:

  1. Comments - By commenting on each editorial or post at the bottom of each page containing that material.
  2. Posts - And by creating a NEW POST of your own to which others may Comment.


Generally, Comments are entered by site visitors to existing editorial content or other peoples' Posts. Comments are offered to what is already there.

Comments are hierarchical in that you can comment as a "stand alone" comment or as a comment to someone else's comment which will show up nested (slightly indented from the left and under the main comment.) And there can be several layers of nested comments under a main comment under a nested comment, etc. It shows up typographically as indented under the main comment.


Think of Posts as "articles" which are usually longer and offer a thought-out position or argument. They can be short (a few paragraphs) or long (many pages in length.) Contributors are people who participate in this blog either as Commenters to existing content or a Posters of original and new content which are "posted" and which can have Commenters as well, often do.


There is enough foul language floating around. Please avoid ALL CAPS as they are internet-way of shouting. All offensive language is not Ok and will be removed. Hard as it may be, respect is the cornerstone of all solutions.

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