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News media keeps telling you that we have a two party system and that 3rd parties have never succeeded in the U.S. That is diversionary commentary. There is but ONE political party in the U.S. and it is the party bought by the CBC ("CBC" is Corporate Billionaire Control). That one party has two wings answering to two different social agendas which we all know well.

This gives rise to the idea that each party has a MONEY-BASE and a VOTER-BASE. Republicans and Democrats share nearly the same money-base with some minor differences. But, the voter-base of each party is quite different.

The Republican voter-base is an easy to identify, to appeal to, and to control group (mostly it is easy to control). The Democrat voter-base is diffuse, unwieldy, shifting and difficult to consistently appeal to. But the money-base of both parties is consistent, focused on the ability to generate huge political capital, and to make the cost of entry the run for office very, very high.

Keeping the cost of running for office high denies people the ability to run for office which is just exactly the point. High cost means having to depend on CBC money.

Senator Sanders came close to raising most of the money needed for one Presidential election, until, that is, that you realize a political party needs about 3 to 4 billion per year of dependable revenue to function as a disciplined and effective political party. That is the estimated sum of money showing up not only for the party itself but in all the wide ranging ways politicians are paid as well. It is ALL the money flowing into a party, or, a group of politicians which can be called a party.

The math is simple: it takes about 25 million people to donate about $200 per year regularly and dependably to get that party free of CBC money. Sounds like a tall order, but not necessarily so.


Nothing Went Wrong in Last Election

We have a wide range of commentary about what went wrong in the last election. Nothing went wrong at all. The election delivered precisely what the CBC paid for: and that is increasing control by the CBC over our government at all levels and the now pending Supreme Court ruling to bestow "personhood" onto corporations.

From the point of view of the CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control) the last election was totally successful. It provided for the continual dismemberment of the federal government and movement of government services to the "private" sector which means to the CBC sector.

Keep in mind that the CBC has but one legitimate counter-balancing-force and that is government. That is the reason for a 30+ year campaign to malign government. It is why President Reagan remarked repeatedly about government with his statement: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help ..."

Actually the truth is: "the 10 most terrifying words in English language are: I'm from free market capitalism and I'm here to help..." Free market capitalism is not here to help you, it is here to cheat and lie to you.

Soon To Be Birthed: Supreme Court says "Corporations are People"

This may sound like a pretty off-the-wall concern. It's not.

And the CBC will be delivered, finally, with a Supreme Court ruling making corporations "people" in the eyes of the constitution and the law. Elsewhere in this website what that actually means will be discussed. (See: This LINK for full discussion of this topic.) In essence this point is this:

John Doe has the rights granted under the Constitution.

JP Morgan Chase will have the same rights (soon) granted under the Constitution.

John Doe has a 9 to 5 job he hopes, a house with a mortgage, kids and $60,000 saved up.

JP Morgan Chase as somewhere near 1 trillion in assets, a huge government lobbying system in place and one which is linked together with other huge lobbying systems of other corporations.

One citizen one vote is actually one dollar one vote and JP Morgan Chase out-votes the whole country.

Granting corporation "person-hood" under the constitution means that their one dollar one vote will come to be totally uncontrollable.

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