The Key Loophole

There is a key loophole for white collar crime and it is embedded for corporate crime as well.

It centers around the word: "intend" or "intention".

When a black person is found to have more than a small amount of cocaine on his person the law says he is a dealer and enters a charge of intending to sell as a dealer in his charge.

The state's attorneys do not have to prove his intention to sell, it is assumed and written into law as a fact. You have more than a given amount of cocaine and you are a dealer... with no further proof needed. This one automatic proof of intention delivers a mandatory sentencing way more than it would be if the prosecuting attorneys had to prove the "intention" before the higher sentencing would kick in.

Whereas laws dealing with a wide variety of white collar crimes or corporate crimes are only serious crimes if the prosecutors can proof that they "intended" to break the law.

That is a LOOPHOLE that gives most white collar crime a walk as proving intention is very difficult or impossible.

That loophole effectively pardons those crimes or makes it possible to negotiate a plea on lesser charges.

Are there other loopholes? Yes. But this one is a key loophole as it effectively pardons serious criminals.