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Responsibility Goes With Freedom

Freedom without Responsibility Is Tyranny

The corporate world wants to separate itself from responsibility, accountability and liability. It wants profits without responsibility. The purpose of government, as a servant to corporations, is to promote this separation. The political process has been working to separate these two concepts—freedom & responsibility—from each other for some time now because that is what corporate America wants—profits without risk, control without responsibility, pollution without consequences, free senior managements to steal from their stockholders with no governance, freak markets that are not free, and the concentration of the planet’s wealth into a few people’s hands with no penalties and no taxes for them to pay.

And they are succeeding, or, have succeeded in many instances. There is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats insofar as their responsiveness to the power of big money is concerned which is why they look and sound so much the same. The Democratic Party is suffering from schizophrenia: it actually represents its corporate money-base and tries to look and sound like it cares about its voter-base at the same time—producing schizophrenia which appears on the TV news like waffling, indecision, indecisiveness, confusion, stupidity, lack of moral fiber, and disconnection (also called "Obama-Speak")… which is what it is.

Economics Destroyed

When you separate responsibility from freedom you deconstruct the basic underpinnings of free economics. Unless a person, a CEO for instance, bears responsibility for his decisions, faces the liability and accountability in the free market for his actions and decisions, then the underlying function that is supposed to happen in a free market is destroyed. The market mechanisms no longer affect the decision-maker. He is divorced from the effects of his decisions. He can now focus solely on his own personal gain without the costs normally associated with his now totally market-independent, self-serving actions. He can rule with no negative consequences, or, so few that they can be ignored. Power is no longer economic power responding to free markets, but political power responding to lobbying, graft and corruption.

No Free Markets

The market-place ceases to function, it can no longer reward or punish the decision-maker properly—particularly on the punishment side of things, the decision-maker can act independently of the market-place and, independently of the law because he controls the legislators & regulators who make and enforce the laws. The other market place participators: the investors, the lenders, the customers, the employees are so deprived of meaningful information that they can no longer act as free market-place participants either. The free market place ceases to function, or, it functions as a freak-market-place—looking like a free market-place in the media but not one at all; the stock market being a classic example.

Corporations Are Political Entities –
No Longer Economic Entities

The political system in the US is now owned by corporate America. It is not solely owned by it, but effectively the federal, state and many local governments are now owned by corporate interests—owned in the sense that the government responds almost solely to their needs and to what they pay for.

Corporations, the Fortune 1000 in particular, are now almost solely political entities and rarely economic entities. They have all long since reached the size limits placed by decreasing returns and have compensated for this with: 1) mergers and acquisitions transforming the corporations into mega-corporations, and, 2) becoming political entities acting through lobbying, graft and corruption to achieve through political actions what they otherwise could never achieve through economic actions. They gain more from their political lobbying than they do from economic planning, risk taking and truly competitive economic behavior. Through K Street they affect government in every branch and if it can be said that they compete, they compete with one another for control over the governmental processes, writing laws to suit themselves at the disadvantage to their competitors, lowering taxes or enabling zero taxes, and in bribery.

The government no longer responds to the people themselves as the only lobbyist they have is an election and those are rigged, staged, lied-to, mislead and turned into melodramatic-theater. Elections respond to the money that buys them, the media that denies access to any but the corporations or their proxies, or costs so much that most candidates cannot be effective without selling out for corporate support. The government now responds only to big money and it does not represent the people at all. For proof of this I give you the US Congress & the Administration.

The Imperial Class -or- Corporate Billionaire Control (the "CBC")

With the successful separation of responsibility from freedom, the corporate senior officer corps—The Imperial Class—can no longer be held accountable for its diversion of corporate assets and resources to bribe governments both here and abroad and to loot the corporations they control.[1] They cannot be held accountable which means that they do not have to account to the stockholders for huge sums of cash, loans, perks, and bribes paid out nor what corporate assets have been diverted to political operations. They have shifted huge portions of their life-styles, personal legal expenses, executive pension plans (the funded kind, mind you), travel, entertainment, housing, and all sorts of personal liabilities onto their stockholders without their stockholders having a word to say about it. And worst of all, they have redefined the function of corporations to be political rather than economic. They derive their greatest rates of return from bribing government so acting as competing entities in the free marketplace no longer holds sufficient rates of return to warrant their attention.

As a consequence, corporations are now political animals who operate, with other peoples’ money, have no limits, no controls, provide little meaningful information to their “owners”, and they operate as the single most powerful small group of entities in the history of the planet. This situation has effectively destroyed the basis of our democracy and acts each year to disenfranchise the people of their rights in a-death-by-a-thousand-cuts.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are deeply imbedded in this government-for-sale operation and neither party can be distinguished from the other insofar as this Imperial Class, corporate takeover, bribery and corruption process operates in both parties without control and certainly no accountability and as invisibly as possible.

Creating A New Political Party —

If we want our democracy back, and it still can be retrieved, then a new political party has to be created that is independent of all this corruption. This book is about how to do that. It is about creating a second political party, not a third party, but a second party. We do not have two political parties in the US anymore. We have one party with two wings. The one party is the party of selling our government to big corporate money. It has two wings: one wing is for a woman’s choice, the other against it, one wing has its voter-base made up of fundamentalist Christians and the other a polyglot of not-fundamentalist Christian people (it is hard to say what this group is), one wing is for destroying the separation of church and state and the other not, etc. But it is one party nonetheless; the party of selling government and turning lobbying into a competitive business distributing trillions of dollars per year to its corporate clients.

I assume that the reader has done her own reading concerning the state of affairs at this point in the US as I will not offer arguments to prove the underlying position that we are in now. The book references at the end of this book will provide ample sources of reading to prove these cases for those wishing that background information.

Provide The One Thing Missing –
How To Solve The Problem

Therefore, this book endeavors to accomplish the one thing missing so far in liberal and progressive thinking—to bind the group of people together who consider themselves liberals or progressives and to do so positively with no Bush bashing and Trump-Whining, and no repeated recitations of what “those guys did today that is so disgusting.” It is a strategic plan for a new vision of a political party, not a bath in the waters of being pissed off at neocons.

A new political party has to stand for something. Actually it has to stand for a lot of things and they are offered here as a basis for movement, for organization, and for change. In addition, I offer some ways to think about the key issues we now face that can help people to see through the immense clutter, lies, garbage and junk issues put onto the public-discourse-table that make it so hard to think straight.

I do not believe that it is possible to reform the Democratic Party at all. The power-people in the Democratic Party (the DNC and the Clintons, for instance) are just as sold-out as are the Republicans and to think that that group of people will willingly stop sucking on the teats of the hog that creates the pork in Washington is beyond consideration at this point.

Starting Over With a New Party

Therefore, we start over. And, before you jump to conclusions about how impossible it is to create a third political party, remember, it is not a third party. It is a second party. And, the key reason why a “third” (actually a “second”) party usually is thought to be a non-starter is that it has no patronage system (using taxpayer money to fund the party’s workers and to reward its corporate bribery with government contracts because that system is already controlled by incumbents.) There is, however, another way to get the money necessary to fund the party with all the money needed without selling out to corporations or unions for one dime… which I will demonstrate in this book.

And, The Progressive Party, amongst its many “stands-for”, stands for reuniting responsibility with freedom. That is a legitimate function for government to undertake and to promote. It is a great starting place. It then follows that it is necessary to disenfranchise corporations from the political scene altogether. They have no constitutional rights to be political nor to act in the political arena whatsoever. Corporations have no right to vote, for instance—not that they need it. People do. Corporations don’t. We have to depoliticize corporations and send them on their way doing what they say they do best: economic things, not political things.

Once corporations have been reunited with their responsibilities, accountabilities, and liabilities, and they have been denied all access to secret countries, secret bank accounts and non-taxation, then the Imperial Class will die of its own because it can easily be replaced by people who can run a company for less than $500 million per year per person in compensation plus all the politicians they can buy, $80 million corporate jets, $25 million city apartments scattered all over the world, and, of course, all the $6,000 shower curtains they can buy. Corporations are the tool through which the Imperial Class operates. Without this tool, the Imperial Class withers. It is one of the key functions of the Progressive Party to disenfranchise corporations from politics and to re-enfranchise the people. This is not war on corporations but rather a program of their forced re-entry back into economics as their sole endeavor. They talk about free markets, then let them have free markets.

Liberals and Progressives have a hard lesson to learn about political organization and it is that they HAVE to get organized. It is not something they do well at all. They face a 100 year old opposition, a highly organized operation designed to cull together the fear mongers and the fear believers with the lesson those fear believers accept: that the response to the constant fear they are told-and-sold is to be obedient. Obedience is the response to fear. That makes them easily organized. Progressives cannot respond with a take-off of the same theme-of-fear with the fear being how terrible the neocons are and then offer obedience to a different drummer.

Either fortunately, or unfortunately, Progressives are a wholly different sort of people. They are independent, they like to think, to think on their own, they value and can deal with highly nuanced concepts, they care about their country and the citizens who live here, and they can be organized to become far more powerful than the Republican Party voter-base has ever been. It is doable. In fact, it could be a lot of fun.

[1] There are, from time to time, some court cases, occasional guilty findings, even some jail time for a few of the most egregious offenders. But, taken as whole, they get off nearly completely free of their responsibilities, accountabilities and liabilities. And note too, the criminal law has been defanged by the deliberate inclusion of "intent" to the "criminal act." This means that District Attorneys have to prove "intent" along with "actual performance of criminal acts" to bring a case. The "intent" part of proving a criminal case against corporate senior management is what is know as a "loop hole" which just destroys the ability to prove criminal culpability... done on purpose, of course.

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