Follow The Money

Perhaps some politicians care about some philosophy or other... maybe... maybe not.

But whatever they care about is trumped by the money. So follow this along a bit:

  1. Dismantling the Government -

  2. The CBC (Corporation Billionaire Controllers - the "CBC") know that there is no institution that can challenge their control except the government. Therefore, there has been a long-term campaign to destroy people's trust and faith in their government. They have attacked the government consistently for over 30+ years in a constant barrage of undermining the government, the IRS, the Executive, the Judiciary, and State and Local government as well. Government is stupid, inefficient, dumb and cannot match the shear management genius of for-profit capitalism. That is totally not true. Anyone who has worked in senior management levels in big corporations knows that they are inefficient, dumb, political, insulated, and stupid as well. Big corporations now work to the sole advantage of its senior management against the interests of all others: employees, stockholders, taxing authorities, and all others not rewarded as senior management is.

    1. Make Corporations "People" - this needs the Supreme Court to do it. Corporations are not people. That is self-evident and obvious. Corporations are licensed and brought into existence by individual States. Corporations were specifically NOT mentioned in the Constitution as most people at the time considered them to be dangerous. To gain "citizenship" as "people" grants rights to them that they do not have and should not have. That pursuit of "people citizenship" is deliberate because it grants protections under the Constitution that corporations do not have.
  3. The Prison Industrial Complex -

  4. Denial Of Service -
    • health insurance industry thrived on this until the ACA happened.

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