Democracy Is Dead


The CBC is an acronym for Corporate Billionaire Control and used throughout this website.

It's the Voters...

I am very aware that to be truly honest about the state of the american voter is to appear to be superior, better-than, eastern liberal, looking down on people, ivy league superior, and whatever other ID's the media spinners have created.

So, sorry about that, but the truth is the truth: the american population simply is not sufficiently smart to be able to sustain democracy as we are, in general, believing it to be.

The truth is that the CBC is only partially to blame. The CBC is to blame for sure, but, as I watch the CNN interviews with a group of mid-country republican voters, it becomes very clear that they simply are refusing to think on a level worthy of democracy. I am sorry to say it. I know it is judgmental-sounding, but, it is the truth.

But the same is true of the liberal or progressive people as well.

The entire set of voters are not thinking clearly at all... all of them are off in mental mud.



Living In Anger

I have an acquaintance whose father is relatively wealthy - owns several homes, several million in net worth (probably more than 10 million), no debt (no pending debt issues), new Cadillac every year, 2 other new-ish cars, retired now, ivy league college graduate, wonderful wife, all the life-and-home accouterments one could want, swimming pool and tennis court, AND, he is seething in anger and resentment all the time.

His TV is set to Fox News all day everyday, and his car radio is set to Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio, Glen Beck, Alex Jones and Ann Coulter. And this person was a senior corporate officer in a very successful large corporation. To meet him is to meet a clearly smart, well spoken, socially adapted and in-charge sort of guy. Except, that is, that he is super angry all the time and he buys into all the lies put out by the media he listens to. And, he listens ONLY to that media and does indeed consider all the other media to be the ones doing the lying and making fake-news even though he does not ever listen/watch them so he does not actually know... and... he does not read much of anything at all... that is off the table.

He lives in a haze of anger and jumps to the opportunity to argue and forcefully dominate any conversation on the topic of politics or economics or political history. He has never studied politics, economics, nor political history, though. He is an engineer who graduated up the chain of command to a very senior position. And since the early days of his business career has always considered workers, laborers, employees, day-to-day employees to be enemies of the company and his ability to do as he sees fit to run that company to maximize profits.

The mere mention of healthcare, or social security, or food stamps, or welfare, or homosexuality, or schools for special-needs kids, or schools at all, and teachers' wanting raises, or the destruction of america and the loss of american world leadership and his blood pressure goes way up and turns him into a truly nasty person. And those topics are just closed and embedded in hostility which jumps way past knowing his boundaries.

As a consequence, we NEVER, EVER venture into those topics as all that happens is to see your own local Alex Jones show up and make your whole day turn into an awful experience.

Why is he so angry? He has no reason to be angry.

He lives an idyllic retirement, has everything he wants, pretty good health (does not live in any body-pain at all), more than enough personally earned money, Ivy League college education and yet, he is super angry all the time... seething is more like it.

It can be understood if you are a coal miner in Kentucky, suffering from health issues, zero savings, too many kids, and feeling as though everything about government is your enemy... actually, he is right... government is his enemy (that is: government owned by the CBC is his enemy but unfortunately that connection cannot be made.)

But this fellow is, to me, the more honest of these two angry men as he has reason to be angry and the college graduate guy has no reason at all... other than having fallen into the Fox News (et al) pit of despair and anger.

The honest anger is the Kentucky coal miner. He does not realize that his coal company has systematically been screwing him and using their control over the local, state and federal government to do it, along with the drug companies, health insurance industry... on and on it goes.

But the corporate officer, ivy league graduate cannot tell that he is being lied to either. Both of them have their internal bull shit indicators either turned off or never turned on.

The Anger Pit is the Exploitable Pit

Living in anger is a danger to the person doing it. I would guess that it has health-related consequences along with making one utterly intolerable to be around. But fostering this emotional state-of-mind is a deliberate goal of the conservative media. One cannot watch Alex Jones without wondering how he deals with his own perpetual state of anger and rage without exploding his own blood pressure. But there is a goal here.

Creating the Anger State-of-Mind


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