Bribery – How It Works

Multiply this story by 10,000 - There is only one institution that can control the CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control) and it is the government. And, the CBC controls the government at all levels through bribery.

The below discussion tells about one way it all works but there are thousands of variations.

A Case In How it Works

We are all as honest as the amount of offered payments are. We are honest for $100 bucks but when it comes to, say, 1 million it could get to be difficult. However, when confronted by PR guys who have practiced and rehearsed how to talk you into accepting a bribe then it really becomes difficult to say “No”.

It matters for you to understand how bribery works today. To explain it we can take a story of a new Democrat recently elected to the Congress. It can work like this:

One Case

So, Washington is a very social place. Lots of parties. Lots of meetings which end with some refreshments. Lots of alcohol. Each of these get togethers has the PR and Lobbyist guys attending too, sometimes only one of them and sometimes several. The PR/Lobbyists are trained and coached to perform as intelligence gatherers just in the same way that CIA guys do in foreign countries as they are trained to gather information, to listen, to ask friendly questions. None of this has to do with finding out secrets to nuclear bombs. It has to do with gathering information about you, the new Congressman.

Each of the major lobbyists and PR firms have psychologists on staff or as advisers to help their field intelligence officers do their jobs. They have sophisticated databases in which they just keep adding information about you as time goes by. Each social event, each dinner out, each time your wife goes to social events, each time you, your wife, your kids, your maids do anything at all, there is an attempt to gather information. This is precisely how the intelligence agencies do their work.

When you arrive in Washington (same operations for state capitals as well) you will be super busy all the time. As a consequence, you have to hire a maid or two, house cleaning maids, and perhaps a cook and if your kids are young then a nanny or kid-keeper. You have no time to research how to find these family service providers on your own and that is Ok as there are family-care service providers which take care the whole thing. They provide vetted and cleared-for-safety service providers in small, medium and large packages depending on how much of these services you will need. You pay the bundler of these services one fee and they take care of paying each of the assorted people who cook, clean, care for kids, garden, trim the grass… whatever is needed.

That’s done.

In most cases these in-home service providers may actually earn more than you are paying them. They are subsidized by the shadow government and the PR/Lobby firms. And, those people are trained to gather information about you. In a certain real sense they are spies, but, not the obvious kind. They just keep their eyes and ears open, always look around when cleaning your home and note all your cumulative set of quirks, kids quirks, who’s gay and who’s lesbian, financial information and unpaid bills and doctors’ bills for this and that and especially if any member of your family is seriously ill or not. They listen to your family interactions and know early on if you and your wife are getting along well or not. The move to Washington is anxiety producing for you and your whole family and can bring out some nasty traits in people.

They gather information about your whole life and you can guess, now, that in a short period of time they really know a lot about you, your wife, kids and other family members as well – father, mother, aunts, uncles, and all. They would know, sometimes more than you might imagine, about your sex life or lack of it.

Some key information would be to know if anyone in your family is seriously ill and if your kids are needing private school access or are getting near to applying for college. Those are key items to know about you. While it may seem that they really want to know about nasty negative stuff, in truth, that is not needed although nice to know if it becomes needed.

The reason why everything that is not nasty is important is that nasty stuff is like going nuclear on something which could be necessary, but, this kind of graft and bribery works on a much more subtle level.

Each party you attend has somebody there who is a member of the shadow government or a PR/Lobbyist. There are way more of them than there are people actually in the government.

And, their database just keeps growing and growing and growing.

They know your political inclinations, and your button issues, and what gets you steamed up or not.

So, you get it?

There are more PR/Lobbyists and shadow government people hovering around Washington than actual members of government. Perhaps 2 to 3 times more. What they do is big business. It is professional, high cost, high stakes, and high yield.

Now, at a party you mention to someone you like and have grown to know and who is a friendly kind of guy. He helps you out with knowing who to know to get something done too.

You mention that your teenage son wants to go to Yale but his grades are not all that great. You’ve tried to build a fire under him, but what to say? He’s a kid and busy fussing with FaceBook, parties and stuff.

Let’s call this PR/Lobbyist guy, George Smith (purely fictitious name) drops a thought over a 3rd martini. “You know, I know a friend in New Haven who is a director of the country club, ah, the Grassy Hill Country club. He knows everybody at Yale. They are all members of Grassy Hill. Maybe he could learn about their current standards and categories of kids they are looking for. They have categories of applicants where they work to include young people of different levels of academic achievement. It’s part of their balanced outreach. I don’t know, but, maybe I could find out some helpful information. And, ah, is your son stuck on going to Yale? Perhaps Penn or Brown or Dartmouth could be his cup of tea too?

Now note here that there are no promises being made and no tit for tat trades, no quid pro quo, to vote for this and your kid gets into Yale. It is all way more subtle than that. George Smith is not a mafia guy. He was a congressman himself a few years ago and before then a very successful sales guy for a major construction company… you know, Bechtel or other.

He knows how to handle himself. He is making a sale albeit a delayed sale.

Later at another party he meets you again and suddenly he remembers that he did find out some stuff about Yale but also about Penn as well. He tells you like it is merely a passing thought. He does not just jump into it. You may have forgotten the 3-martini conversation by now. It is important that he keeps this low key, non-intrusive, and matter-of-fact.

He did indeed find out something about Yale and he might be able to help out as they have an outreach program for kids who are interested in the theory of law and you said your son was interested in the law and its theory of law rather than necessarily being a lawyer… right?

And, I did find out that Penn also has a philosophy of law department as well. And, I think Penn is offering a full scholarship aimed precisely at the philosophy of law students. Do you think he might find that interesting? It is a full scholarship… everything from soup to nuts… that might be good.

Well, it works out and your kid gets accepted to Penn on a full scholarship which is worth about $100,000/year or so. And you are truly grateful to George for his help.

It was all just friendly-guy stuff. No price tag for the gift of the admission to Penn and the full scholarship. He could have gotten you the Yale gig as well, but, the science of this stuff is based on careful use of diversionary tactics. You just never go at this corruption stuff like a Trump in a china shop.

Now keep in mind also that there are many laws passing congress that you really do not care about at all. They are full of stuff that is not really your cup of tea at all. But, George does know you and he knows what you care about and what you don’t care about.

He calls from time to time to assess if you’d vote for XYZ Law on paving bicycle paths in Kansas City. Well, sure, why not? But if you read that law, it has other stuff in it as well on page 314 concerning new rules on paying student loans. But, who reads this stuff and George did get your kind into Penn on a full scholarship and that was nice.

If your mother has cancer, George can get her admitted to RWJ Hospital in Brunswick, NJ and under a research grant so it is free to you… otherwise half a million might be the starter cost.

And this is the rabbit hole. The old boy’s club of subtle, disguised and hidden bribery and corruption cloaked in such a nice, friendly way.

The Old Boy’s Club

Note none of this ever has anything to do with your constituents at all. And after 5 years of this you are part of the old boy’s club representing the CBC (Corporation, Billionaire Control) guys. Not once did anyone hand you an envelope with cash in it. The CBC had your number from day one.

Rarely does this ever get to the point of being In-Your-Face with bribery. All of this trading back and forth with Penn giving admission and scholarships and George getting bills passed for the CBC and you taking a trip on a Gulf-Stream to examine the trading partners in Nafta for the Commerce Department and playing golf at one of Trump’s Golf Resorts.

Meanwhile the country steps down the rabbit hole step by step. It is professionally orchestrated and managed.

And By They Way

You may think that congressmen and senators write the laws that they pass. Perhaps, from time to time, they do. But 95% of the time they don't. Instead, this friendly guy (mentioned above) gives you the law, pre-written, if you are the originator of a bill along with other legislators, and it is all written for you. Most of the laws passed by federal and state legislatures are not written by the legislators at all. They are written by the PR/Lobby/Legal firms hovering around the government at all its various levels including the agencies who create rules and regulations also not usually written by the agency employees either.

The laws are  usually hundreds of pages long and are steeped in legalese and deliberately written to be dense and difficult to just read in one sitting and "get it." Nestled way down on page 297 is where the loopholes are located.

The laws passed by federal and state legislatures have names, but those names are PR names. To the average person they might think that the law was about "this or that" because it was named "this or that" but in truth, it was really about all the stuff included way down on the inside pages.

These inside pages have provisions that have nothing to do with "this or that" at all. These pages have grants of money to local construction companies for building something or fixing something or other.

Laws passed by state and federal legislatures are loaded with what is called "pork" and it is hidden way down on page 396 for the law for "this or that".

Or, there is a tax loophole deliberately excluding certain income from normal taxation and calling it "deferred capital gains" or something that reduces the tax rate substantially for a small handful of companies. Those companies are run by the billionaires. Average people never heard of them at all. But they just got a $385,000,000 million tax break with not so much as a squeak out of anybody.

And our Democrat Congressman voted FOR the "this or that" law AND for the $385,000,000 million tax break too. Keep in mind that the law reduces taxes on people who are already billionaires and who, as a group, employ less than 245 total employees meaning that it is not related to any significant employment at all. And there is that construction company that got a $34 million construction contract for something or other and a source of the money they donated to their congressman for re-election.

That congressman has to consider, if he read the complete law at all, and think about if he wants to do something about NOT voting for that $385,000,000 million tax break or just shut up, considering the scholarship to Penn and the hospital research grant for your wife's mother worth, who knows?, some $500,000.

Usually best to shut up.

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