Bad Government

There is only one institution that can challenge and throttle the power of CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control) and that is government.

There is only one institution that can match the power of the CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control) and that is government itself. Therefore there has been a long term and sustained campaign to undermine government that has been in effect for at least the last 50 years but accelerated in the last 20 years.

There has been a long term plan to undermine the peoples' confidence in government by doing several things:

  • Under Fund Government - by under funding government at all levels (schools, local government, state and federal) the government is forced to fail, but to fail marginally in such a way as to undermine the confidence people have by showing the government to be stupid, inefficient, and a bureaucracy that stumbles over itself.
  • Offer Up the Savior to "Bad" Government: Free Market/Profit Motivated Private Businesses. ¬†What is left after the bumbling bureaucracies are shown to be stupid over a long time is the advertised benefits of private, free market, for profit corporations... which are also bureaucracies as well. And anyone who has worked in mid-senior level management in large corporations knows they are also huge bumbling bureaucracies as well.
  • Undercut Government Employees - ¬†government employees at all levels are consistently shown to be the reason why government fails. The employees (teachers, teacher unions, IRS agents) and their un-funded, under funded, pension plans are the reason why government fails.
  • Embark on a Long Term Plan to Privatize Government - the CBC is laying claim to and ownership of all major cash flows in the economy. They seek to "privatize" government which means they own the various cash flows generated by those services that are privatized, examples:
    • The Prison Industrial Complex - now hosting the largest prison population of the sum of the next 8 developed countries.
    • The Military Industrial Complex
    • The Education Systems (they want the cash flows inherent in education, not to actually teach, feed, or care for students) but just to own that huge cash flow and then to perform "denial of service" as taught by the health insurance industry.
    • The Credit/Debit Systems where the cost of credit/debit cards add 3% to 8% to every single purchase (also known as a "sales tax" but one that goes to the CBC.
  • The Medias' Fake News - the purpose is to destroy peoples' ability to think clearly or purposefully. It is not that people disagree over how to deal with the facts, but fail to agree over what the facts actually are in the first place. This destroys the commonweal leaving the people confused and bound up in angry arguments over irrelevant nonsense.
  • Move the local Police and State Police into private semi-military companies and we know where that will lead.
  • Move the Justice System, courts, public defenders, bail bond systems into supporting operations for private companies.
  • Create local justice systems to imprison minorities - to feed the prison industrial complex.
  • Keep Threatening That Social Security Is Doomed - the reason for this long term threat lies with Wall Street's wanting the money in the Social Security System to go into the stock market rather than to the government. Two benefits for Wall Street are:
    • 1) a huge bump in the stock market prices due to a huge inflow (in trillions) into the stock market Dow Jones Average to 30,000+ or more, and
    • 2) the fees for "managing" the money measured in the hundreds of billions some 5 times greater than the Social Security Service's cost. Social Security is not doomed, the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration is far MORE efficient and far LESS COSTLY than Wall Street's fees.

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  1. admin on December 22, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    For Beryl West – take a look at: on this site. And also the book: What’s the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America.

  2. Beryl West on December 22, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks . Makes total sense, but why don’t folks get it?

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