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Remove the Leverage that
Graft & Corruption Uses

This website is about the long-range view of where liberals and progressives may want to go. It is not sufficient to be anti-Trump or anti-this-or-that. Being anti-anything is not a goal, it is not heart warming, and it will not sustain a long-term vision of what to do.

There will always be graft and corruption. The ability of the PR/Political Consultants to twist and turn anything around into lies, confusion, and manipulation is unlimited with one key exception: remove corporations from having any voice at all in politics and a key financial source is disabled.

If they are so smart, they can stick with economics and selling products. There is only one reason why corporations engage in politics: it is to get something that the "free market" would not give them. That something is monopoly. Or as in practice now: "group or cabal monopoly" where the group is a monopoly and they bargain with each other for market share (1) in which a group of corporations work to create monopoly but for the group and work out in secret how to divide the results.

We are about to have the Supreme Court grant "person-hood" to corporations. That will have to be removed. It will take time and consistent focused effort to accomplish.

Graft and corruption will always be with us. It does not mean we should not have laws against corruption, but, the laws always lag behind the creativity of the corruptors. But, what we can do is to remove their leverage. That leverage is the corporation. Wealthy people have as much right to their political expression as do we all. BUT, they exercise their right using their stockholders' money, not theirs. They use the corporation they have hijacked to spend hidden huge sums on bribery, corruption, force, and control. We have to pull that plug. At least what graft and corruption remains will be controllable and small a smaller scale.

This site puts forth a long-term vision of where liberals and progressives may want to go and the key ingredient is to wipe out the leverage offered through corporations. In truth, corporations are licensed to exist by the state and that license now needs to have very strict constraints including the total loss of that license and the disbanding of the offending corporation and successful criminal prosecutions of the C-Level Executives when they violate their charter which "charter" would be a new concept for compliance for gaining the right to incorporate (LLC or whatever).

And fleeing the US for offshore incorporation would have to be completely curtailed. That curtailment founded in the simple principle that: you wish to have access to the America market then you have to exist in America, pay taxes in America, be exposed to the laws of America and have zero offshore bank accounts of any kind. Violations of which are criminal and could subject the senior management to 200% claw-back of their compensation for the period of time they violated the law. This is a partial step in creating Responsibility, Accountability, and Liability for everyone but particularly for corporations.

Gross ecological pollutions are a case in point - engagement in this loses the license to exist at all and puts the key decision makers in jail for long periods.

I will put forth a wide array of things that will achieve this.

(1) See Rats in the Grain - about how corn syrup markets are shared between the participants while they set the worldwide price for the market itself by the group's participants - creating a joint-monopoly.

Group Stupid

I request that you remember this: capitalism has failed the people of this earth. It ate its own heart out long ago. It lacks empathy, caring, and any purpose beyond "more." It is a lie cloaked in jargon and failed pseudo economics. Those lies are accelerated through the leverage offered up by corporations. The inability of the "owners" of corporations - the C-Level executives - to grasp and respond to the obvious destructiveness of their combined actions simply attests to the fact that they are not so smart as Harvard MBA courses like to make them out to be. "Combined" means one corporation can contribute marginally to global warming, but, thousands of them acting together & at the same time make it happen faster and more severely. And, when they work in concert to deny it and mislead people, then that is just stupid, or "group stupid."

That is "combined or group" destruction.This is self-created-destruction which, oddly, shows up clothed as earnings per share growth.

The inability to see, and to respond to combined/group destructiveness is a key fault of what is left of "capitalism." Send jobs to China for one corporation is considered sound economics (maximizing rate of return on capital) but when 1,000's of corporations do this then the very market to which they all sell is destroyed. That is not hard to grasp but it is neither grasped nor responded to at all. I call this "group stupid" and capitalism simply exacerbates "group stupid."

Smart is Empathetic

Smart is empathetic. It has to be. The world is too complex to think that your actions are isolated. They are not. Empathy is the only asset that humans have to be able to see through dense complexity to how things affect people. Capitalism is anti-empathetic. And that fact strips the economic decision-makers from knowing how their decisions affect people. People, not the "bottom line" or the EPS (earnings per share). Without that knowledge, very big errors can happen and those very big errors snow-ball very, very quickly into huge collapses. We have two notable examples: 1) the nuclear plant catastrophe in Japan after the tsunami took it out, and 2) the financial collapse of 2008. Both of these events consisted of combined, long term, easily foreseeable and hugely destructive failures. Both are cases of "group stupid."

Capitalism Is Dead

You may think that saying "capitalism is dead" is too risky because what is to replace it? Capitalism is not a "system" it is the lack of a "system" and replacing it with an empathetic economics is actually not difficult at all. Economics has to be empathetic or else what is it for?

So what if the return on capital is increased? So what if the earnings per share go up? So what if the cost of goods goes down when shipping jobs overseas? So what?

Just stop and sit back quietly and observe how similar believing in capitalism is to religion. Keep in mind that the "hidden hand of the free market place" is HIDDEN which means not observable and not measurable. And not observable means not scientific and not understandable at all. It is pure faith in something that, oddly enough, always shows up defending the super wealthy. Reduce taxes on the super rich now. They get more cash now and we get to wait until the hidden hand of the free market place works its magic for everybody else. They get cash now and we get "something"... later.

We have never actually gotten very far into the idea of democracy. The U.S. has always been under the control of the CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control). Historically it has been the case that that control has been somewhat hidden.

Now it is laid bare. It is now visible to see how it actually functions to remove any responsibility altogether which is then tyranny without constraints. Our current state of the government: local, county, state and federal is that government operates to deliver what the CBC wants and coincidentally the appearance of what the voters want.

We have three governing concepts:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Accountability
  3. Liability

I will refer to these three concepts with an acronym "RAL". Throughout the history of corporate law you will find that all three of these concepts have been systematically removed particularly from corporations (all other legal forms included: Inc.s and LLC's, etc.) and from the very, very rich, the billionaires and mega billionaires.

One of the key features of off shore bank accounts is to disallow anyone from finding out who actually owns the capital being deposited there and not to be able to "follow the money" because you cannot follow anything there at all. These country's are often called "tax havens" which they are (no liability) but primarily function to deny accountability and responsibility as they hide the owners from view not solely from taxes.

You cannot find who owns the capital and that means that the offshore banking and offshore governments can keep hidden who actually owns the capital which shelters them from everything. This is true of the Swiss Bank accounts and true of Cayman Island, Jersey, Luxembourg, and a host of other smaller countries as well.

Why is this so? To keep both the corporation itself and the owners of the corporation - the C-Level Executives - from being at risk for any legal suits at all. You cannot subpoena them for anything because they are invisible, the hosting country's banking secrecy laws are opaque. Try to subpoena them and all you might, perhaps, find is a post office box in Cayman Islands but that is as far as it goes. (While this secrecy is not total, it nearly is so.)

And, keep in mind that large corporations are made up of many, hundreds or even thousands, of mini-corporations into which a very significant portion of the main corporation's assets are placed. Those entangled and interwoven corporate structures are dense, opaque, and so complicated that most owning corporate C-Level Executive managers really don't know how it all works or fits together themselves.

One of the key reasons for all this entanglement is to keep the main body of stockholders of the main corporation completely blind to what it is that they actually "own." All of this places the C-Level Executive management of most large corporations as the default personal owners of everything as their own stockholders can never learn what their corporation actually owns and where it is owned. That makes the C-Level Executive management the default practical owners of it all.

This is how, mechanically, one divorces them from responsibility, accountability and liability.

There Is No Free Market

There is no free market when there is no responsibility, accountability and liability (RAL). Without any - or most - RAL there are no negative effects to bad decisions, no loss due to bad decisions, no cost to senior management for bad decisions. If one's decisions are shielded from RAL then there is no free market as hopefully described in capitalism and advocated by economists. If you cannot lose, can only gain, and bare no risk of liability for bad decisions then there is no free market at all. It is a "freak market" and not a "free market".

The Solution

There is no solution to the current state of affairs in the U.S. and its government except to return responsibility, accountability and liability (RAL) to the corporations and to their owners: the billionaire and mega billionaire class, and, to everyone in our society too. That return to RAL cannot be partial. It has to be total and legally clear. Getting from where we are with near zero RAL to total RAL over the CBC (Corporate Billionaire Control) cannot happen without there first being a vision of how total RAL works and why it is so foundational to everything. No vision, no results.

That vision cannot be In Opposition. It has to be its own vision of where we want to be not merely oppositional. Only being oppositional is how we got the Russian revolution which replaced one justification for tyranny over another justification. The ruling aristocracy replaced with the ruling of the "people" as manifested through one bureaucracy replacing another.

There is no limit to how easily the CBC can embrace and absorb whatever shows up in the form of opposition. Their cunning, dedication and funding is extensive and invades colleges and universities with the religion of capitalism. It will take a vision and long term focus to create a new system based on responsibility, accountability and liability and once in place something that begins to look like a free market.

This website is about that vision.